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The Oceanography of the Ross Sea, Antarctica


oceanography of the ross sea


Edited by Giancarlo Spezie and Giuseppe M.R. Manzella

Springer-Verlag Italia, 300 pages ISBN 8847000394

January 1999

This volume provides an overview of the experiences and results gained from oceanographic observations and research in Antarctica - in particular the Ross Sea - with the aim of providing guidelines for future developments and identifying future research needs.A general description and discussion of the oceanography of the Southern Ocean, and in particular of the Antarctic Circumpolar Current is given and the linkages between circulation and particle flux and biogenic elements are explored.This up-to-date data analysis and modelling effort contributes to a more complete understanding of the Ross Sea as a dynamical and ecological system and will be of great interest to scientists involved in physical oceanography, meteorology, climate and marine biological research.

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